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September 11th, 2015, 12:27 pm
This is Danny.
He knows things.

I'm trying a new size for the final rez of the pages. I'll be going back and re-sizing old pages over the next couple of weeks. ^^
My new work schedule should allow me to put a bit more quality into backgrounds and such. Hopefully... So from here on, pages will be looking a tad better.

This page also features a cameo of one of my patron's characters; ManiacalToaster's Jade!
He elected to insert a character rather than a shot of himself into a page after pledging~
If you'd like to help me continue to improve on this comic and work on other projects, take a look at my patreon page!
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September 11th, 2015, 10:31 pm
Here's the funny thing. Kids tend to know a lot more than adults give them credit for.

They are also much more perceptive than adults and aren't taken seriously for weird shit they actually see since it's written off as a "Child's active imagination."

It's kinda funny when you think about it.
September 12th, 2015, 9:17 am
@Xylas_Incarnum: That they do. It's also a fact that small children, like infant to a couple years old, actually do SEE more than older children and adults do. Since their brains haven't yet trained the eyes to 'ignore' a lot of things deemed unnecessary information (Ex. You see your nose all the time, but you don't register it because your brain learned to ignore it when it didn't go away) they pick up on subtler cues and details in facial expressions, body language, or their environment.
September 17th, 2015, 6:45 pm
@LotMinx: And their past lives apparently... well some of them.