"Avibus" Hiatus|Guest Art Submissions! by LotMinx
September 13th, 2018, 10:59 pm
Hey guys!

Ten pages left of Chapter Six as Book One draws to a close, which means the comic will be going on (official) hiatus after the last page goes up on October 19th. It’s a little later than I originally planned, but this means the hiatus won't be as long as I'd originally thought it might be.

Book Two will begin with a tentative-yet-pretty-sure date of January 4th with the cover reveal and Page 1. I don’t want you guys to be left with nothing, though, during November and December, so I have a few extras planned such as character sheets and the like that I will be posting in place of pages.

And that's not ALL I want to do! Beginning today, I am accepting submissions for guest art posts to go up alongside extras on the main hosting site and Tapas!

"Avibus" isn't that big of a title, I know, but I figured now is as good a time as any to open guest spots for the first time.

Submissions Guidelines are as follows:
- The typical standard: Your submission must include at least one character from the “Avibus” cast. However!
- It MUST be a character that has already appeared in the main series so far! There are a few people who have seen concepts from later but I’d rather not show these characters until they appear on-page...
- OCs are okay as long as you follow rule one.
- Submissions must be Safe For Work!
- You can use any medium (i.e. digital or traditional/scanned) so long as you send me an image file that's a minimum of 900x1350 pixels. JPEG is preferred, but PNG is acceptable.
- If you want me to link to any sites or portfolios, please include the links and descriptions thereof in the body of the email when you submit your attached image file.
- Written submissions are acceptable! In fact, I may just doodle a couple illustrations to go with the good parts~
Just send any written pieces--NO LONGER than 1000 words--to me and I'll format them into proper image files. I'm not expecting any unwieldy amount of submissions this time.

I'll accept submissions through October 19th. Email to mistress0minx@gmail.com. That's a zero, not an 'O' ;)

Thanks for reading~