Resuming Posts by LotMinx
January 15th, 2015, 1:13 pm
Hey, everyone!
Happy New Year!
I know I said I'd be posting again starting on the 9th, but settling back into my old/new home took a bit longer than I expected. I'm still kind of in the process of getting used to things and establishing a new schedule, since I'm now working with art/writing as my ONLY job-not-job at this point.
Word of the wise; Hours of time with no supervisor to ensure you're using it wisely doesn't mix well with daydreaming procrastinators like me.
So far I've managed to avoid working by finding hundreds of menial tasks to do instead. Anything from re-organizing my work desk, to arranging my bookcase according to what order I want to read everything over the year, to attempting to plan out the next few months as far as projects and releases. But... I can't exactly meet the 100,000 deadlines I set for myself if I never actually START something...
So updates will resume over the next couple of weeks. I have one page ready for cleanup that I will be posting over the weekend, and I'll post TWO next Friday to catch back up to where I said I would be. Then business as usual. If I can keep my head in the game, that is... But I think I've just about gotten a handle on this un-employed/having my own room again finally/'what's this? i can sleep again?' thing... Almost... *knocks on wood*