I Haven't Forgotten You, I Promise! by LotMinx
October 6th, 2017, 2:12 pm
Hey guys!

First, I'm gonna open with an "I'm sorry" about the delay on new "Avibus" pages. I'm still catching back up on the backlog of work I let pile up during August and September...

Second, I'm gonna say that the next page, page 127, is going to be going up over the weekend!
From there, we'll be back on weekly updates as normal until the current chapter ends!

And third, I have an announcement in the form annoyingly plugging my new shop on Redbubble:
There are already some familiar AND new prints and accessories available! More will be added throughout the month from inktober designs and other artwork!

Sorry again for the delay, guys.
Thanks for bearing with me.

In the meanwhile, I have a new vlog/time-lapse painting available on YouTube:
If you'd like to drop in for a watch and snicker at my brother and I acting like idiots in the audio.
Also, there's a cat in it.