Happy Birthday "Avibus"! (and Guest Submissions) by LotMinx
August 23rd, 2018, 9:35 am
"Avibus" is now four years old!

With this fourth birthday, I have a few announcements to make for the future of the comic and my plans for it over the next few months:

To start; Book One is almost over!

I know I've said something before about having already finished a 'part one' of the story with the end of Chapter Five, but that didn't actually turn out to be the case. While I did mean it at the time, I hadn't yet finished my full reevaluation of where the story was going in the next stretch.

Can you tell this is a very seat-of-pants written series?

So, in truth, Chapter Six is going to mark the end of "Avibus", Book One. What does this mean?

Well, it means a Hiatus.

The comic will be going on a temporary break after the end of the chapter while I gear up for Book Two. The second book is much more tightly plotted, much more efficiently planned out, than the first and will require a brief break to make sure I have everything ironed out enough to get started.

I plan to post the last thirteen pages of chapter six at a rate of two per week, making up for the frequent delays over the past few months, which will close out the chapter at the end of September. After which, starting in October, "Avibus" will be on hiatus until the start of Book Two.
I don't want it to be a ghost town around here, though, during that time, so I will be posting the occasional extra materials related to the comic.
(and finishing the character page, I swear)
Along with that;

I will be opening submissions for guest art!

In lieu of pages, I'd like to post guest pieces among the extra sketches I'll be doing.
Submissions will open on September 1st and run throughout the month. I'll post another announcement and provide more details about image requirements, where to send them, and the hiatus itself at that time.

Thanks for reading!