No Page Today by LotMinx
October 18th, 2018, 7:19 am
Hey guys,

I have to apologize for Page 174 not being available today.
I ran into some personal conflict last night regarding a situation going on with my building changing hands in any way but smoothly that ate up my evening and prevented me from being able to work on comic pages at all. To give full transparency, I'm in a position where I'm concerned about potentially losing my apartment and having to move within the next few months...

I will get the next page up as soon as possible, hopefully, tomorrow, and follow with the final page of Book One, 175, this weekend if I cannot get it finished before tomorrow night.

In the meanwhile, due to my current situation and the stress it is causing me, I once again point to various ways you can support the comic if you would like:

Patreon: On Patreon, patrons have access to first looks at pages, works in progress, and extra materials as available. As "Avibus" goes on Hiatus next week until January, patrons will also be able to see progress and previews of Book Two as I work on polishing plotlines, new character designs, new characters, and more. Pledges start at $1 USD monthly for access to the patron feed!

Ko-Fi: Ko-Fi is an at-will tip jar through which you can support your favorite creators by essentially 'buying them a coffee' through a donation of small set amounts. You can do so multiple times or just the once. 'Coffees' start at $3 USD.

Commissions: Commissions are currently on a waiting list basis due to a backlog of work, but if you would like to reserve your place you can email me at to discuss projects and pricing.

Spread the Word!
Not everyone can support creators monetarily, but word of mouth is a surprisingly powerful tool. Share the comic! Share these links if you like! Any and all support is helpful and appreciated!

Thank you guys so much for reading and supporting "Avibus" this far. You're awesome~